Which engine oil is best for your bikes and scooter?

We explain how to make sense of all those confusing engine oil Engines is one of the fundamental products needed to run your car, as it lubricates the engine to prevent the pistons seizing or exploding.


  1. Mineral oil
  2. Semi-Synthetic oils
  3. Fully synthetic oils


These all are by-products of petroleum refining. Synthetic oils are nothing but synthesized oil using a process called synthesis. And based on your cc of the engine oils can be selected.

So for an 80–100cc bikes mineral oils are recommended. For bikes, more than 100cc to 125cc semi-synthetic oils are recommended since they do not undergo much of a stress factor. But for the bikes having engines more than 125cc fully

synthetic oils are recommended because it goes a lot of stressing and heat bearing due to more power and heat generation. So basically mineral based oils are recommended for sub 100cc bikes.

But I would suggest that you should only use the oil which is recommended by the bike manufacturers because it will yield some better results.

Hope this helps. And for a better understanding, you can refer the same in here


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