Do you know how to save petrol and how long does petrol have for us?

Do you know how to save petrol and how long does petrol have for us?

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As petrol is very important for everyone but has ever wondered how much petrol is left in this world because petrol is a non-renewable resource? When there are two types of oil reserves in the world.Once is proven oil reserves and second is unproven oil reserves. A proven oil means that we know that at this place, there is petrol and we can extract it but, unproven petrol means that we know at this place, there is petrol but we cannot extract it.Therefore, whatever, petrol calculation is done, they are completely dependent on proven oil.If we talk about the proven oil reserves, there are six such countries in the world where there is a lot of stock.Those countries are Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Canada, Iraq and Kuwait.Out of Canada, all are members of OPEC.If we talk about the facts and figures, it is stated as.
According to OPEC organisational report 1.5(trillions barrel) 1 barrel = 157 liters .but after processing comes to 166litres, so 1.5 TB of oil is left. Now, we come to the important question that how long will the petrol run in the world. TB(trillions barrel) will last for 54 years.

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However, you do not worry, I tell you how petrol can be saved. 
1. Do not use uncleared petrol.
2.Each service check air filter and spark plug keep both clean.
3.Stick to the periodic service timetable and also remember to use best engine oil for your bikes.
4. When you stand on a red light, you should turn off your ignition switch.
5.The bikes average should always be maintained

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