The Secret of the easiest ways to calculate the bike mileage.

It is very simple for us and there is no need to put extra effort so, you can check the mileage just you follow this steps.

Firstly, I am going to tell how to check the mileage scooty or a gearless scooter as the bike will find a reserved mode then, you towards scooty they have any kind of reserved mode option. so I am genuinely speaking about scooty. It is possible but your scooty engine’s condition should be like a “knife throw butter” so than mileage easily has to give 54 kmpl on the only highways and also depends on you how to drive, do not sudden acceleration and be smooth during barking. you see the mentioned underneath.

  1. You get a full tank of petrol in the scooty
  2. Take note down of the Odometer reading when you start a ride.
  3.  After some time you again reach on nearest petrol-station and note Odometer reading.
  4. Again you pour full of a tank of petrol and note the quantity poured – in.
  5. Now we have the difference in the Odometer reading and the corresponding quantity of petrol used so, We can easily calculate the mileage from the available data.

Now, I telling you how to calculate the bike mileage. There are many ways but we use to calculate the note reserve to reserve.

1. Note your odometer reading on the hitting the reserve.

2. After that, you pour petrol of 2liters into the bike

3. When the bike hits reserve again then note how many kilometres a bike run from last odometer reading.

bike mileage formula


4. Then we calculate the bike mileage to measure it. I divide this x-kilometre by 2 because I have put 2-litre petrol in the bike and you get your bike right mileage.


I want to share my personal experience and one more to calculate the bike mileage.

My mechanic is to help me to calculate the mileage of the bike. for that, the first step is he gets petrol supply to the carburettor disconnected. He had a drip of bottle kind of thing with a pipe which filled 500ml petrol into the bottle and we went for a ride. He was sitting behind me held a bottle in his hand. we calculate after the fuel got over in this bottle after that we calculate mileage of bike. and he connected the fuel tank pipe again. but during the ride, an unusual kind of sound was being heard. However, in total this method worked.

Hope it helps in future and I wish a happy journey.



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